Spreading Rain Harvesting To Penang

Voda trotting the globe, saving raindrops a tank at a time. This time, we invade Penang, Malaysia.

In Sept 2015, we announced our very first Voda Give Back Program where we expressed our interest to donate & help set up 3 sets of Voda Rainwater Harvesting Systems.
Smart Water Solution Voda Rainwater Harvesting System Malaysia - The Star
Our goal is not only to grow the rain harvesting community to reduce water consumption, but also to create an educational platform for more to understand rain harvesting, how it can be done affordably & what positive impact it could bring to our environment.
Few months down the road, we are happy to announce that we have identified not 3 but 4 passionate and grateful recipients to receive our donation.

Amongst them is Methodist Girls’ School Penang.

Methodist Girls School Penang Voda Rainwater Harvesting System Malaysia

Here are the students of Penang’s Methodist Girls School all smiles receiving their donated Voda Rainwater Harvesting System.

Voda is not only helping the school reduce its water bill, but is used by teachers to educate children on utilising natural resources and saving water.

Although Penang is not facing any critical water shortage, it would be great to teach our students to utilize natural resources and save water. – Pn Ang of Methodist Girls School, Penang.

As we progress, we hope to be able to expand these give-back efforts to more places in a larger scale.

“To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success” – Henry Ford

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